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Why did you wake me when you knocked upon my door?

I was happy sleeping, locked inside my shell secure

Why arouse those tender feelings safely hidden, I was strong

Then you left me feeling empty as you didn’t stay for long


I was always in control, all emotions kept in check

But you touched me, you caressed me, tenderly you kissed my neck

You aroused the deepest passion, buried deep for many years

Like a dream almost forgotten along with all the tears


Now I’m longing once again my senses are aglow

But you didn’t stay to hold my hand, the reason I don’t know

I’m not sure if I should thank you for awakening my soul

Or shall I just go back to sleep and let the feelings go


I will thank you for the memory, it was wonderful for me

But can’t thank you for the sadness, once again its I not we

I know it’s really not your fault; I’ve been hiding far too long

But now that I’m awake again, I look and find you gone



Carole Snowden

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