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I’ve not got a leg to stand on, you have misconstrued what I said

I would like to say for the record, the insults where all in your head

I’m not malicious or nasty, but I speak my mind that is true

And now I’m feeling your seething, it is showing in all that you do

I’ve not got a leg to stand on, I can’t even ask you all why

You’d tell me to stop being silly, and any wrong doing deny

I’ve not got a leg to stand on, I feel this is all so unjust

And all I can say for the moment, you have managed to kill all the trust

I am now considering the options, responding with dignity and tact

The guilty will all understand it, but will certainly not dare to react

I didn’t set out to offend you, your actions are offensive and cruel

Please take heed of my feelings, the one thing I’m not is a fool



If the cap fits wear it!

   Carole Snowden

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