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I try to stand with confidence, ignoring the voice in my head

“Your temperature is rising and your neck is turning red”

I join in with the conversation, a sweat breaking out on my brow

The voice in my head getting louder saying, “They’ll think you’re blushing now”


No makeup is there left to see, after four hot flushes this hour

Again the voice takes over and says, “You could really use a cold shower”

With my temperature still rising, there’s a struggle to stay composed

I fight the irresistible urge, to rip off all my clothes


The voice again inside my head, says “get out you know you must”

Then I wonder is it possible, to spontaneously self combust

The beads of sweat run down my back, my face feels all aglow

I hear my voice speak out and say, “It’s the menopause you know”


The room goes quiet the ladies laugh, then I hear them say “oh poor you”

And before I know what’s going on, they’re all telling their stories too

One lady reaches inside her bag and pulls out a fan from within

Another wafts a paper pad, to help to cool my skin

And finally with helping hands, my body starts to feel right

Now the conversation is only about, the hot flushes we get through the night…

Carole Snowden

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