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Invisible Ties

Bound by bonds which have no hold

Mindful things which went untold

Hidden feelings never explored

No way to cut this unseen cord


Wonder still within the mind

Of things you try to leave behind

No courage was there back then to try

I turned away, without goodbye


Echoes now resound each day

What if I had not walked away?

Invisible bonds, I’m tied to the past

Lament for the unknown holding me fast


Whispers of, oh happy days

Like pictures through a misty haze

Flickers of warm sunlight beams

But all I have are broken dreams


With battered ego and humbled soul

I carry on, to where I don’t know

My journey long, my pace a crawl

I still hold my head up, I still stand tall


Mistake is not a word I use

Experience is the one I’d choose

And from experience, I now can say

I had no choice but to leave that day!!

Or did I I??!!

Carole Snowden 2005/6

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