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I will always love you!!!  


I fought for you son fought tooth and nail

Knowing one day I would probably fail

Knowing that one day his time would come

And the man you love would one day return


Through all the years that he was away

It was me who cared for you day after day

It was me who cried and shouted and screamed

And now it’s me you dislike it seems


He wasn’t there he didn’t care!

I did what I had to do

But you should know in those early years

What I did I did for you!


I made many mistakes most mothers do

But what I did my son I did for you

I love you my boy more than words can say

Now he’s back in your life I feel tossed away


You’ve tossed me away like a discarded shoe

No use to you now I’m warn through and through

Warn down to my soul warn in warn out

And now I’m all warn it’s you I’m without


You don’t look at the love I still hold in my heart

You don’t see the hurt now we’re so far apart

 I know your connection is no longer with me

It’s now him you adore he’s is all that you see


He’s good he’s your idol the one who does right

He doesn’t lose his cool in the dead of the night

He doesn’t drink too much he is confident and strong

But let’s face it son he’s not been around that long


Where was he when you needed a dad?

Where was he when only your mother you had?

Did you think I didn’t feel your love for that man?

I watched how you hurt I felt every pang


I’ve stood beside you for so many years

I shouted I screamed and I cried many tears

Tears not for me for the hurt you went through

Longing for your father though he didn’t need you


Please don’t judge me my son you’ve not lived my life

As your mother I’ve strived to do what is right

There are no books to read which say what to do

I worked from my heart my best interest was you!


   Carole Snowden

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