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One night I had a dream, Grey Lady and Warrior were me in my dream.  The sanctuary was a garage which they crawled into and pulled down the door, leaving it open just enough to view the passing world outside. 

Haunting dream!


Grey lady and Warrior, two spectrum extremes

Haunting my mind in my darkest of dreams

Warrior armed, always ready to fight

Sword in hand as a Warrior might

Grey lady standing with tears in her eyes

Confronting the Warrior no fear as she cries


Warrior now mesmerised by the sight

Of Grey Lady crying, she ceases her fight

Together they stand in the dark of my dreams

Two sides of the same soul connected it seems

Grey Lady walks on and Warrior tails

Both searching for peace from their own private hells


Grey Lady departs, knowing full well

That Warrior will follow, she’s under her spell

 A longing for quiet, away from what’s real

Time for respite, so that deep wounds may heal

Their sanctuary seems such a desolate place

Hidden in darkness they watch the rat race


Observing the world through a door half ajar

A quest now for solitude, great healer by far

Cut off from the world, some comfort they find

Grey Lady and Warrior as of the same mind

The Warrior is strong and protects one and all

Grey Lady the sadness behind Warriors wall


They’ve lived in subconscious for too many years

Both parts of the same mind’s aggression and fears 

There is now a need for the two to unite

Grey Lady stop crying and Warrior don’t fight

 Its time now it’s safe, let the past sorrows go

Two halves of the same soul in union now whole!

Carole Snowden

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