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When you can feel, what no one will say

You look in their eyes and they just look away

The negative vibes come filtering through

How can you resolve things, what do you do?


So often you’re scared to say what you feel

The truth often hidden, you don’t face what’s real

Yet truth good or bad, if spoken with feeling

Cuts out the pain caused when lies they’re concealing


If only all humans could speak from within

Eliminate small talk and with it much sin

Truth hidden will fester, and nobody gains

Speak what you feel; you’ll be free from the chains


Chains of restriction on what one should say

Political correctness just gets in the way

Wise men of old spoke with true open mind

And all those who listened, gained something you’ll find


So often in this life you’re taught not to say

But things on your mind just don’t go away

Why can’t you voice them, without feeling fear?

Or could you be saying what they don’t want to hear


If it’s bottled inside the thought you can’t free

So it sits in your head and it won’t let you be

And the only way out is if spoken in word

Once said, you can deal with what everyone heard..


It’s the hearing which opens your eyes to the feeling

Only then can you think of the process of healing

So never hold back that which plays in your head

Understanding comes only from words which are said!!

The Interview Preparation!


I plucked my eyebrows, I plucked my nose

I painted my nails on fingers and toes

I bought a new outfit in the hope I’d look good

I can honestly say that I did all I could


I dyed my hair to get rid of the grey

I bought a new bra, what more can I say

I did everything a woman could do

I was feeling my age and I didn’t want to


On the day of the interview I felt really stressed

The frizz in my hair made me look such a mess

I tethered it back and I sprayed it with spray

And when I had finished it looked quite ok


The next task on the list was to make up the face

To look good today was the goal I did chase

I moisturized the wrinkles as much as I could

Then applied the foundation, much more than I should


A dusting of bronze over forehead cheeks and chin

Then on with eyeliner, bottom only nice and thin

No need for mascara it smudges through the day

So now I was finished and looking quite ok


I smiled at myself in the mirror

I felt I had scrubbed up quite well

Then it started that warning sensation

And I heard myself curse ‘fucking hell’


I quickly opened the windows

I stripped off and stood there quite naked

As the cheeks on my face started burning

And a sweat on my brow now did break


I took a deep breath to calm and compose

I stood next to the window still wearing no clothes

‘Oh no please no no’ I whispered in vain

As the sweat on my brow started dripping like rain


My neck turned as red as a turkeys

The makeup just slid down my face

I wafted my skin with some paper

In the hope I could keep some in place


My temperature started to lower

And the sweating then started to ease

I took a quick look in the mirror

And thought ‘Oh fuck it, this is as good as it gets if they don’t like me tuff’!

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