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Light of our Spirit!   Graeme & Carole xx


There’s a light that shines from you to me it brightens up my heart

I can feel its glow its energy, even when we’re far apart

It’s a special light which we can’t see but we both feel its there

It’s much brighter when we come together showing that we care


It could shine for years and never cease if we just give it a chance

We could shimmer in the sparkle free our minds and start to dance

We could leave behind old sorrows, new beginnings fresh and strong

Trust and care for one another two hearts singing the same song


Let me take you from the shadow, shine my light for you to see

As you in return reflect the rays from your heart and back to me

Keep this flow of light between us never doubting in our minds

Something specials going on here from the start we saw the signs


We can’t fight it or ignore it walk away or even run

Cause its there and we both know it like the rising of the sun

Let’s have faith in what we’re feeling hold on tight and lose control

In my heart I have this feeling that we have so far to go


Come with me now let us travel all the way I want to live

Share with me in something special I have much I want to give

It’s the giving which is special as we give so shall we gain

And our spirits will grow stronger helping free our hearts of pain


And as we learn to trust once more, this light which shines within

Will heal old sorrows, broken dreams, we’ve everything to win

It just takes time and understanding, honesty, trust and caring

Two souls in love, a special love, drawn to the light they’re sharing…

Carole Snowden

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