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To My Brother

For each life gone another’s born

It’s the natural way on earth

I send my love to your new son

And celebrate his birth


My love to you flows openly

From a mother who has known

The joy of bringing to this world

Two daughters and a son


As parents we become aware

Of that unconditional love

And babies are our greatest gift

Sent from some place above


It’s for us to guide and care for them

Our biggest challenge in life

These precious little Jewels

Will one day cause us strife


You will make mistakes as parents do

The books don’t tell you all

But foundations which are built on love

Are the strongest ones of all


Cherish your new arrival

Kev so pleased your life’s complete

Love to Siobhan and little Niamh

And poor Luke so like you but so sweet!


All our love…Carole Liam and Hayley


Carole Snowden 29/11/2008

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