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The last three weeks have been for all of us probably the biggest contradictions of our lives!


The deep sadness and sorrow at the tragic and sudden loss of a man who adored us all for just who we are, accepting all our faults, and always there for each of us, his wife, his children and his grandchildren when needed.


That sadness is coupled with the comfort of knowing that dad had his family with him at his bedside the night before he died,            


Not often in life do you watch someone so special pass away, but as tragic as it was to be losing a cherished member of our family, I think I speak for all present that night when I say, the atmosphere of love around dad’s bed was almost tangible.


The whole night was a magical mixture of intense grief, disbelief and despair, interrupted with outbursts of laughter from a family with a great sense of humour which dad appreciated and was certainly used to.  Yes, we laughed, and yes we cried, and dad listened on and I’m sure joined in, it was a wonderful opportunity to be with a person you love and see them on their way, a magical spiritual experience, and I think I can say that we all felt privileged to be there to share our grief and feel the intense warmth and love for a gentle steadfast leader of our family, it was a very special night! 



A Big man without Ego!



Our Dad's light never shone too bright, he tried hard not to blind us

But through our lives, we always knew, he was never far behind us

If we should stumble, he was there, to help along the way

With words of comfort, never harsh, with what he had to say


He didn't like the centre stage, he let us act those parts

As he sat back and watched each scene, love shinning from his heart

He glowed with pride, as step by step, his children played out their role

So sad that now we all walk alone ……his time has come to go


Now his watching goes unseen, as it often did in life

But we all know, he's still with us, and mum, Mary his wife

He'll be by our side if we should call, his love will never die

 Our Dad a very special man, will still comfort when we cry....


We love you Dad....

Carole Snowden

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