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Big Ego!



I will talk to you I’ll be nice and I’ll smile

But please understand I see right through your guile

My sixth sense tells me you are not interested in me

It’s all about you and your ego you see

And with that in mind your game I might play

But you’ll never dupe me is all I can say


Your ego is strong it controls all you are

It’s all about you the great one by far

No other comes close to the you in your mind

You think you’re the best you are one of a kind

You’ll not be enlightened you’re cramped by your own style

The me me and me is you with a smile


If only you knew how much I despise

The ego of those who bullshit and tell lies

They talk without saying they say without fact

Cause that’s what it takes from the truth to detract

They have no conviction for them nothing is true

It’s all about them they don’t care about you


As long as you sit back and don’t look too bright

They don’t feel a challenge so they will treat you right

And if you should dare to confront and to fight

You can guarantee that death in their eyes is your plight

For the ego is big and can sometimes control

Those who haven’t the wisdom to just let things go

Carole Snowden

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