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I spent three years studying Fine Art at the University of Chichester and completed my degree in May 2017.  During the first two years I experimented with as many different methods and mediums as possible.  I explored, played, tried, tested and sometimes cried, but, ultimately after all the trial and error, in my third year I reverted back to the medium I have always loved to work with, wax!

Encaustic wax is an old traditional painting medium which dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians and my love of it gives me a sense of the contemporary artist carrying the genesis of the old artists through to the present day.

My latest works are a combination of traditional and contemporary, using modern day digital technology I extract small segments from my original wax paintings and I transform them into incredible sublime images which can evoke connotations of volcanic activity, celestial nebulae or life beneath the oceans. 


The inspiration for my work comes from the magnificence of the natural phenomena’s which are all around us here on earth and far beyond our world into the cosmos.

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