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A Mothers Love

Sinking slowly into despair

So many things I feel are unfair

A good heart which is always misunderstood

As madness insane by those who seek to look good

I’m me I don’t mean to offend you!

I want to connect I want you to be proud

Don’t judge me I’m me..and that I’m aloud

Aloud to be me as you are to be you

Don’t ask me to change me to suit what you do

I can’t change the me and I’ll not do it for you

If you love me you’ll respect who I am

I’m not something you can control

I’m your mum I am me…don’t ask me to be

Another more wise more composed more demise

I’m me…only me….and I love you see

I love you for all of the bad bits and good

I love you the way that no one else could

Is it too much to ask you to love me the same way

You are not perfect is all I can say

Can you love me if I’m not perfect too?

Carole Snowden

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